Silvan Reservoir

Set in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, Silvan Reservoir Park is an easy drive from Melbourne and ideal for a great day out. The park features landscaped picnic areas and open lawns surrounded by an impressive eucalypt forest. Silvan Reservoir Park is a great place for enjoying a picnic or barbecue in the shade of delightful exotic trees and shingle- roofed rotundas. The park also has vast open areas for games and views of the reservoir.

Although much of the native vegetation was cleared during the construction of the reservoir, there is still a diversity of native fauna to be found in the park. Birds that frequent the area include waterbirds such as herons and spoonbills and forest birds, such as treecreepers, robins, cockatoos and rosellas. High above you may spot a Wedge- Tailed Eagle with its wings outstretched. The Reservoir is also home to a number of native mammals such as the echidna, wombat, common Brushtail and Ringtail Possums, Sugar and Greater Glider.

There is a picnic ground and European-style formal gardens featuring azaleas and rhododendrons within a framework of stone terraces and vined pergolas. The Park has children's play facilities, barbecues (with free wood), some fine views and numerous walking tracks.

Most paths have ramps for the disabled. Stonyford Creek self-guided nature trail is a half-hour loop walk that passes through some remnant bushland and across Stoneyford Creek, incorporating moist eucalypt forest, wattles, banksias, native grasses and gullies of tall tree ferns along the creek banks. Points of interest are indicated by numbered posts. A corresponding leaflet is available from the information shelter by the children s playground.

Walking Trails

Melba Walk: Opposite the western entrance to Silvan Reservoir Park is the start of the Melba Walk (5 km return) within the Mt Evelyn section of Dandenong Ranges National Park.

Stonyford Creek Self Guided Nature Trail: This walk helps you discover the natural bushland that once covered the entire area. A Trail Note is available from the Parks Victoria website. Numbered posts point out the highlights. Distance: 800 metres Grade: Easy walking on gravel path. Time: 30 minutes

Messmate Walking Track: Circuit track. Distance: 1.2km return Grade: Moderate level of fitness required Time: 30 minutes

Grey Gum Walking Track: a circuit loop. Distance: 2.3km return Grade: Moderate level of fitness required Time: 1 hou. Signs lead along the Grey Gum Track and through eucalypt forests, zigzagging onto Track 10, then Track 12, making left turns at both Tracks 13 and 18 into fern gullies. At the end of Track 18 turn right and walk through the gate onto Stoneyford Rd and back to the start.

Olinda Creek Walking Track: link to Mt Evelyn. Distance: 5.6km one way Grade: Moderate level of fitness required Time: 2 hours

Mt Evelyn Aqueduct Track: links to Olinda Creek Walking Track Distance: 7.2km one way Grade: Moderate to high level of fitness required Time: 2.5 hours. Mt Evelyn Aqueduct was a former feature of the Melbourne water supply infrastructure that was part of the O'Shannassy Water Supply (designs prepared 1910-1911). Where the aqueduct crossed the lower lying areas around Wandin and approaching Mount Evelyn, it was in steel or wood-stave piping, converting to open concrete-lined channel when the higher levels were reached. It went through the township of Mount Evelyn in open channel (except for a short distance adjacent to the railway line) winding around the local contours to just above what is now Johns Crescent, then part of the Pine Mont Estate. 

Location: Stonyford Roadoff Monbulk Road, Silvan, Dandenong Ranges, Vic. Silvan about 40 kilometres East of Melbourne.

About Silvan Reservoir

The reservoir's history dates back to 1914 when a severe drought forced Melburnians to search for a new water supply to handle their ever increasing needs. Construction took place between the years of 1926 and 1931. When it was finally completed it was 644 metres long, 219 metres wide, creating a reservoir that is 43 metres deep. Silvan Reservoir was officially opened on 7 July 1931. In 1983, extra work was needed, as the wall had started to show cracks and it was at this time that the picnic ground was added to the Silvan Reservoir Park.

Silvan is an off-stream storage reservoir, meaning that most of the water is sourced from other reservoirs as the actual catchment 9 square kilometres for Silvan is small. Water for Silvan is sourced from Upper Yarra, O'Shannassy and Thomson (via Upper Yarra) reservoirs. In turn, Silvan directly supplies many of Melbourne's eastern suburbs as well as other off-stream storage reservoirs including Cardinia and Greenvale. Silvan Reservoir has a capacity of 40,000 megalitres.

Grey Gum Walking Track

Mt Evelyn Aqueduct

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