A to Z of Melbourne Names

The states of Victoria and Queensland were both named in honour of Queen Victoria. Melbourne had been founded by John Batman two years before the 18-year-old Princess Victoria came to the English throne in 1837. The first petition for the separation of the Port Phillip District (or 'Australia Felix' as it was referred to by some) from New South Wales was drafted in 1840 by Henry Fyshe Gisborne and presented to Govenor Gipps by him. Gipps, who had previously been in favour of separation, rejected the petition. The British Act of Parliament separating Victoria from New South Wales, and naming and providing a Constitution for the new colony was eventually signed ten years later by Queen Victoria on 5th August 1850; the new colony named in her honour. The signing was followed by enabling legislation passed by the New South Wales Legislative Council on 1st July 1851. This was formally the founding moment of the Colony of Victoria, separation from New South Wales was established by Section 1 of the 1851 Act.

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