Cardinia Reservoir Park

Cardinia Reservoir Park is the perfect setting for a picnic, barbecue or stroll along the reservoir wall or one of the tracks. The park contains three picnic areas each with its own wonderful views of the surrounding bushland and open lawns. There are two reservoir viewing areas offering spectacular views over the water and surrounding district. Whether you ve come for a family get-together, bike ride, walk or to see kangaroos, you are sure to find a special area that meets your needs. ogs are permitted at Cardinia Reservoir Park, but they must be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs are strictly prohibited along the reservoir wall or along the Kangaroo Viewing Trail.

Cardinia Reservoir Park is home to several groups of wild kangaroos. These are best seen early in the morning or late afternoon. Why not visit the Kangaroo Viewing Trail adjacent to the reservoir wall, starting at the Spillway Carpark? The trail heads downhill to Crystal Brook Picnic Area, with information along the trail so that you can learn more about this Australian icon. Note: Feeding and approaching kangaroos are strictly prohibited. Be sure to stay at a safe distance.

Flora and fauna trail: To discover the park s flora and fauna, there is a self guided walk along the Tea Tree Trail, which goes through bushland from Duffy s Lookout to the Observation Carpark. Signs along this trail introduce a variety of plants and animals.

Facilities: Wood fired barbecues are located at Crystal Brook and Kangaroo Flat. Firewood is supplied in these areas. On days of high demand you may wish to bring your own portable gas barbecue, but please NO solid fuel barbecues (including heat beadsTM). On days of Total Fire Ban, all barbecues are banned in the park. For visitors with limited mobility, ramped paths give good access to all picnic areas. Crystal Brook also has accessible toilets. Please contact park staff if you require further assistance.

Opening and closing times of park gates vary throughout the year. For further information on closing times, please observe the entry signs to the park, or ring the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 1963.

Location: Cardinia Reservoir can be accessed from Wellington Road (Melway 126 C11) or Red Hill Road (Melway 210 G4). A one-way road loops around the main areas of the park.

Cardinia Reservoir

Cardinia is Melbourne's second largest reservoir, and can transfer water to most parts of Melbourne depending on how our supply system is managed. It receives water from Silvan Reservoir, as well as the Victorian Desalination Plant (when in operation). The dam at Cardinia Reservoir is a rolled earthfill and rockfill embankment, and was completed in 1973.
Catchment area: 2,800 hectares (off stream storage)
Surface area: 1,295 hectares
Total capacity: 286,911 megalitres
Dam height: 85 metres
Dam length: 1,542 metres (main bank only, saddle dams are an extra 2,841 metres)

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